Christopher Barrat

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Christopher is a well-respected and recognized speaker and consultant in management development skills.

In the LitUpp program he presents specific strategies in networking through his very engaging ways of teaching. He demonstrates some key principles that you can use to strengthen your networking and interpersonal skills. You will find Christopher’s teaching both challenging and stimulating, and soon learn that it is not about what you know, but who you know”.

He is a popular speaker at international conventions, and is a regular writer for business magazines.

He has co-authored a book commissioned by the major US publisher John Wiley & Sons ‘Buying For Business’ and has a second book ‘Mosaic Management’ to be published shortly. Christopher has wide international experience, his business, speaking and development engagements have taken him all over Eastern and Western Europe, The Far East, Latin America, USA, Australia and the Caribbean.

Here’s what Christopher has to say about his collaboration with LitUpp:

“I am a big fan of TED and have done two TEDx talks myself – the challenge is so much information in so many different areas! I really like the LitUpp format because it can give people access to such great content in a really focused way. The balance of making the content very practical and relevant is also something that appeals – pragmatic stuff presented in and engaging way can be truly inspirational to help people get out there and make a positive difference to their lives.”

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