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Peak Performance

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Stig Severinsen was named the world’s Ultimate Super Human by the Discovery Channel. He’s a four-time freediving world champion, and multiple Guinness World Record holder – including the longest breath hold at 22 minutes and the deepest freedive at 225 meters.
He has spent his life pushing himself to the limits of human endurance. Today he teaches people from all walks of life – from top business leaders to Olympic athletes to veterans suffering with PTSD – the mental and physical hacks he uses to push himself further and perform at the highest levels. 
Now for the first time, he’s sharing his secrets in an online course so you can learn how to optimize your performance and energy and overcome the fears that are holding you back. 

Learn to master your mind

In 2007, Stig Severinsen smashed the world freediving record. Completely unaided by breathing apparatus he dived to a depth of 225m. “When you go that deep, the darkness embraces you,” he says. “Your lungs collapse and you’re just spinning like a leaf in the vast ocean.” 
Stig says biggest part of his preparation is mind-control – overcoming fear and limiting beliefs. “Sometimes there is fear,” he says, “But I always just laugh in the face of fear. There is no fear – just your perception of fear.”
We all have challenges in our lives. We all have pains and fears that hold us back. Stig is here to teach you the mental discipline you need to overcome suffering and anxiety and move forward with your life. 
“With breath holding,” he says, “you become the master of your mind because you’re going against the strongest reflex in your life. When you see what you’re capable of with breath holding, you begin to understand exactly what you’re capable of in every area of your life.” 
“It takes dedication, perseverance and faith, and not many are willing to put in that commitment,” he says, “but you can train yourself to do incredible things.”
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Stig introducing Peak Performance

What you’ll learn

Stig teaches you how to overcome the beliefs that hold you back – the fear and the self-doubt that stop you from becoming the person you want to be. 
He explains the need for balance in every area of your life – nutrition, training, and sleep – as well as the need for mental and emotional balance, and a positive attitude.
He shows you how to perform to your highest levels when you need to, and how to achieve deep and revitalizing relaxation on your down time. 
Stig also trains you to breathe correctly, and gives you the knowledge you need to start training in breath holding with an exclusive Pranayama yoga class.

29 Videos

Record breaking freediver, Stig Severinsen, shares the secrets of Peak Performance

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  • Peak Performance
    12 Videos


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    Stig opens the program by explaining the importance of breathing correctly and l…
  • Breath holding - Why / Benefits
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  • Pranayama class with Stig
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About the Author

Stig Severinsen

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Stig Severinsen is a multiple Guinness and AIDA world record holder in freediving and breath holding. He has a degree in biology and PhD in medicine. He is an also expert in Yoga, and uses a combination of Eastern philosophy and Western scientific theory in his teaching and training. 
“All my life I’ve loved to challenge myself and expand my own limits,” he says, “My dives are a kind of metaphor for the challenges we all meet in life; stress, losing people we love, losing our job or our health. We can’t change these things, but we can train ourselves to navigate better in life and respond to life’s challenges in ways that move us forward.”
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